Designed for creative minds, independent workers, audacious backpackers, and free spirits, Moleskine Journey uniquely combines the best features from productivity applications, like calendars, reminders, and notes, with tools for personal development, such as diaries and habit tracking.

With Moleskine Journey, you can organize and improve on the most important activities at work and in your personal development while expressing your creativity.

Journey has 4 customizable sections you can navigate tapping the four icon at the bottom of the screen on iOS or using the menu on the left side on the macOS or Web apps:

My Day

a place where you can set, check in daily, and track over time your goals and your habits.

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the overview of all of your tasks and events, the place to schedule and plan the execution of your activities.

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this is the place in Moleskine Journey where users can organize complex notes, tasks, reminders, media contents, links and events by topic.

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the place where you can rapidly write down activities yet to schedule or organize or see at a glance all the tasks to do.
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