Are you encountering synchronization issues on Journey across your devices? 

Some contents you added from one device are not showing up in the other or some changes are not visible across devices.

Here's a list of simple checks and fixes you can try to resolve this problem:

1. Check you're using the same account on every device

As Moleskine Journey allows you to sign up with third party login (Google, Apple) it may happen that you used a different account on different devices.

Check your account on each device and ensure the login email addresses match. If this is not the case log out and log in again in order to use the same account on every device.

2. Check your connection

Ensure you have an active internet connection (if the client is having an hard time connecting to the server you may see a loading bar at the top of the screen on the mobile apps)

3. Are just the events missing?

If you're using the web app along with the iOS/macOS app and looks like the events on the mobile app are not shown on the web app it could be due to Apple Calendar synchronization: the iOS/macOS apps load events directly from the device, this is not feasible on the web app. In order to see Apple Calendar or other device calendar on the web app you should add them to the web app, Google Calendars can be added directly from the web app settings.

4. Manual synchronization

Rarely something goes wrong and one client may get stuck in a stale state. If the previous solutions didn't work you may manually sync the client. In order to do that just tap the "Sync" button in the left side menu. This will fix any inconsistency and reset the automatic synchronization. Once you did this once there should be no need to repeat this operation as the automatic sync should start working again.

5. Log out and log back in

This is the classic ultimate solution for this kind of problems, if none of the solutions above worked you may try to log out and log back in again (minding point 1 stated above).

6. Contact us

Things can (and will) get messy in an unpredictable number of ways, we know. If you still have issues with sync please contact us using the feedback button in the apps or writing us at We'll be glad to help you.

Please make sure you add details such us the type of contents that are not updated or any other details you deem linked to the issue.