Version 1.0.218 (Jul 7, 2022)

Hi everyone!

This release is a big leap forward for Moleskine Journey. We collected thousands of feedback from you to understand the right way to move on and we worked hard to give you the best version of Journey ever!

Performance and stability, a cleaner and modern interface, a rich and meaningful way to show the value of the information and memories you put into the app, a new path to extend and explore new use cases: these were the main drive of this version.

Follow us on social media to learn more about this update and to learn more about the next steps. 

Enjoy Journey and, as usual, please keep sending in your feedback and suggestions!


What's new

Will be possible to add tasks to your journals and schedule them, the Planner will organize all the scheduled tasks and events so that you’ll not miss a thing.

The mood journal and the food journal now have a new structure that helps you register easily more details and get the most out of the information you added by analysing them and showing you the pattern that emerge in your eating habits and what influences your mood.

All of this comes with major improvements in the performances.

Planner section doesn’t exist anymore

  • All tasks assigned to a day are visible in the new Planner View
  • The old Planner contents are available in the “Agenda” Journal habit created on migration
  • There are no longer reference to an entire project in MY DAY (the project tasks assinged to a day are visible in the new Planner habit

Tasks Section doesn’t exists anymore 

  • Floating tasks are available in the “Floating Tasks” project created on migration
  • User can set up a project “Unplanned/Inbox/Backlog” for tasks without a date and move them once scheduled (if needed)

My Day / Habits

  • Habits now can have an emoji icon associated
  • List of templates has been revamped and there is more flexibility in the creation of new habits
  • Journals can include tasks, tasks can have a colour, can be scheduled for a specific time
  • Goal of the Day is now more flexible a List Habit, useful to define routines, goals, or simple to-do linked to a day 
  • Updated UI for Stats and History
  • New mood and food journal with templated entries, Stats contains special analysis of the entries to help users find patterns in their behavior


  • Tags are currently not available
  • Recurring task are shown as single instances and can no longer be created
  • Tasks scheduled are shown in Planner as usual

Other changes

  • Themes are available but have effect only on the accent colors
  • Simplified settings menu

These changes were implemented only on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Web and Android client will be back-compatible, but we kindly request to avoid using the Planner and the Tasks sections to add contents from these client apps.
If we receive sufficient requests these changes will be implemented in the other clients too, so please feel free to let us know if they are important in your use case.

Version 0.220316.190 (Mar 16, 2022)

Hi everyone!

This hotfix release solves an errors that makes the app crash on start for some users.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for reporting this error and please let us know if this fix works for you.

Please keep sending in your feedback and suggestions!


Version 0.220309.188 (Mar 03, 2022)

Hi everyone!

We fixed an issue with our Apple Reminders integration that many of you reported. Let us know if it works as expected now :)

We also fixed a problem that prevented, in some cases, the navigation and the photo visualization in the Photo Diary.

Stay tuned for the next updates, we’re working on a big release and we’ll ask your feedback before rolling it out. 

Please keep sending in your feedback and suggestions!


Version 0.220128.184 (Jan 31, 2021)

Hi everyone!

This release addresses the issue on macOS Monterey some of you experienced and reported: when the app was launched some of the UI element weren't visible until the app window was resized, we fixed this and it should not happen anymore.  

Thanks to your feedback we also identified and fixed several unexpected behavior and issues on the app.

You can now select a specific date range of My Day entries to be exported, just like you do for single habits, the stats on the challenges are now consistent between the web and iOS app, we improved the way previews for handwritten drawings are generated, and we fixed an issue preventing some events form being shown in the monthly planner.

Stay tuned for the next updates and please keep sending in your feedback and suggestions!


Version 0.211118.179 (Nov 21, 2021)

Hi everyone!

This release fixes some compatibility issues with the new iOS version.

Stay tuned for the next updates and please keep send in your feedback and suggestions!


Version 0.211025.177 (Oct 25, 2021)

Hi guys!

This release fixes some experience issues and the bugs reported. We also changed the way the tasks in the planner are shown to increase the emphasis on their color.

Stay tuned for the next updates and please keep send in your feedback and suggestions!


Version 0.210909.169 (Sep 09, 2021)

Hi everyone!

This update fixes some issues you reported about the creation of recurring tasks, the access to the notes on the challenges and on the mood diary, and the experience of the habit history. 

We also fixed a few annoying issues on the My Day section new layout that led to a messed-up interface in some circumstances, thanks for reporting them.

We're working hard to make the experience smoother and faster, so feel free to give us your feedback on what you feel should be improved. Let us know what you think is missing or features you'd like to be added to Journey, we love to hear your suggestions!


Version 0.210813.166 (Aug 13, 2021)

Hi guys!

In this update you'll find a couple quick fixes for some issues you reported and improvement to the UI to make My Day more compact.

But the release big news is the new grid layout for the My Day section: laying out the habit cards on more columns let you see more at once and better use your screen space. Let us know what you think! 

Enjoy! Feel free to contact us for any feedback or suggestion. 

Version 0.210728.164 (Jul 30, 2021)

Hi everyone!

This quick update fixes some issues on the major update released two weeks ago, thanks for your feedback and reports.

We switched back to the default system font for most of the UI as many of you found the new font less legible (for those of you that enjoyed the new font it is still available as an option in the Settings menu of the app).

We adjusted the habits cards to be more compact and reviewed the challenge habit design so that it is more evident when it has been completed and if you’re keeping your streak going.

On macOS and iPad we added a quick action view for the events that allows you to jump into your video meetings and delete a cancelled event.

We also fixed minor bugs and experience issues, for example now you can create a multiline task adding new lines pressing Shift+Return. 

Looking forward for your feedback and suggestions!

Version 0.210712.160 (Jul 16, 2021)

Hi guys!

We’re glad to introduce this update, it brings in many major changes in the app look and experience. Hope you’ll like them, we’ll love to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to improve further.

What’s new:

  • New quick entry UI, all important actions are now available directly on tap, so that you can create tasks, goals, or add a photo to your photo journal just in one tap. History can be accessed both tapping on the habit title or accessing the menu with a swipe right gesture
  • Navigation between days is easier thanks to the new week navigation at the top of My Day view
  • Habit history has been redesigned to make it easier to have the past entries overview, and to add new information
  • New font and improvements to every visual element. We balanced the look and the readability of each content you add to Journey
  • New look for the challenges, you’ll be able to see the entire week streak right from My Day

We also added new visualization options and other improvements you requested:

  • Scheduled tasks are now shown in chronological order along with events by default (you can go back to previous mode from the three dots menu in the Planner)
  • Past events are lighter to better focus on next scheduled events, and you can also decide to hide past events altogether using the option inside the three dots menu
  • As for Apple Reminders, we make it easier to identify task imported from Reminders and improved their editing
  • We fixed the connection banner behavior that you guys reported as being too intrusive

As usual we fixed the bugs reported, thanks for sending in all the useful info to solve them.

Looking forward for your feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned for the next updates, there’s much more coming soon!

Version 0.210508.144 (May 10, 2021)

Hi everyone!

This release brings in a lot of improvements on the overall app experience, making the interaction smoother and making it easier to record your memories and plans into the app. You can notice the changes all over the app, try setting the mood for the day, filling up your food diary, or opening the photo journal.

We fixed as usual the bugs reported, thanks for sending in your reports.

Looking forward for your feedback and suggestions, let us know what improvement would you like to see in the next releases.

Version 0.210401.139 (Apr 1, 2021)

Hi guys!

We changed a lot the UX/UI of the app with the latest update, choosing a new main gesture to add and edit content: a swipe from left to right for all the habits in My Day. Check this guide out for more info.

On the macOS app, instead, when you hover over a habit the main actions appear on the side of the element.

We understand this has been confusing for some of you at first as it is a fundamental change, but we believe this experience is as fast, and, once you get used to it, allows a more uniform and simple interaction across the service.

In this update we resolved some experience issues that you reported about the new UI and adding a visual tutorial for the new gestures.

Please give it a try and let us know if it works fine for you, we’re eager to receive your feedback and suggestions about it.

Version 0.210324.138 (Mar 25, 2021)

Hi everyone!

Has been a while, but we’re back with a great update! 

We analyzed hundreds of feedback you sent and tried to fix all the issues you reported and to take your suggestions on the experience. We’re rolling out over 50 fixes and improvement based on the messages you sent.

Another big change is the My Day overall experience: we simplified the interactions with the habits making them more coherent and straightforward. 

From now on, by swiping right you add a content or complete the main action on the Habit (e.g.: complete a challenge), tapping on it will open the history, and swiping right will give access to all the other actions. This works on the Planner card too!

Please let us know if you get used to this and if you like it.

Looking forward for your feedback and suggestions, let us know what improvement would you like to see in the next releases.

Version 0.210216.131 (Feb 17, 2021)

Hi everyone!

We’re working hard to make the service more stable and reliable as we design and test a lot of new features and improvements to be released in the next months. Stay tuned and let us know if we missed something.

  • we fixed the export button
  • we fixed the time selection when adding a new task
  • the UI update on the Journal habits in the My Day section is more reliable
  • we improved the synchronization reliability, solving an issue that made it stuck in some circumstances.

There are more fix and improvement we were able to do thanks to your reports and feedback, please continue to let us know your suggestions and what you’d like to be able to accomplish using Journey!

Version 0.201230.129 (Dec 30, 2020)

Hi guys!

2020 has been a tough year, we were separated from each other, both at home and work, and we saw many friends only through a smartphone screen.

The issues we’ve been through made clearer than ever the value of the things we accomplish with the people we love.

That’s why in this new version we added one of the most requested feature: shared habits! 

Share a Journal with other Moleskine Journey users to create a collective diary, or your Daily Goals to get things done in your team, or even beautiful shared Photo Diaries to have a great place to keep your memories with your friends and family.

We hope this will help you going through the days that separate us from when we can hug each other again, even just a little.

May the 2021 be the greatest year in your life.

As usual we fixed the problems reported and made some actions more reliable and clear. Because of the new share feature, if you want to copy a content and share it with third party app you should now use the export feature.

Feel free to write us to contact us for any suggestions and feedback.

Share Journals and Goals

Version 0.201112.121 (Nov 16, 2020)

Hi  everyone!

We're working on a big update for the new year, meanwhile we completed a bunch of fixes and performance improvements to make the app more stable and the experience more fluid and clean.

We fixed an issue causing unexpected scrolls when browsing habit history, we resolved a performance issue linked to the integration with Apple Reminders, and we improved the localization of the weekly and monthly planner views. Furthermore we improved the synchronization management and tackled an issue some users had on the recurring tasks.

We simplified the habit history view on the macOS app keeping just one calendar for browsing the history. 

Thank you for your feedback and for reporting these issues and providing us with information useful to solve them, feel free to write us at any time, we’re glad to improve the app along with you guys!

Version 0.201008.112 (Oct 8, 2020)

Hi there! 

Are you enjoying iOS 14? We received a ton of feedback asking for new iOS 14 widgets and we decided to go for it and create some widgets for Journey!

In this update you’ll find 3 widgets:

Quote of the Day: a motivational quote every day to keep you inspired.

Sun and Moon Calendar: a calendar showing sunrise and sunset times and the moon phase for each day of the week.

Habit Streak: an overview of the completion of a selected habit for this week, how consistent were you in following you habit?

We’re really excited for this new feature, we hope it could help you stay motivated and inspire you new ideas. Give our new widgets a try and let us know what you think of them, we look forward for your feedback and suggestions!

There's also a new release of the macOS app for some minor fixes and some new feature.

We made the ESC key behaviour more natural and intuitive, for example it now closes the popups in foreground as you’d expect. We added a view for the Journal, if you click on the journal name from the Journal history you’ll be able to navigate the history in a more visual way, similar to My Day history. 

Let us know what improvement would you like to see in the next releases.

Version 0.200922.101 (Sep 22, 2020)

Hi everybody!

Here we are with a new release of Moleskine Journey. We focused on improving the experience and on fixing some pesky bugs you reported, moreover we’re rolling out the much requested Reminders integration.

Let’s dig into this update:

  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from adding entries in the past and future when a Habit had just been created.
  • We fixed some issues on recurring tasks (duplication, errors on the time shown). Thanks to the users that reported these cases!
  • Solved an issue causing a lag showing project title when opening a project 
  • We redesigned the weekly and monthly view of the planner, performance should be better and look is cleaner and ready for further improvements
  • You can now find your calendars events right from the search box
  • We worked to fix many little but really annoying bugs on the event editor
  • CMD+s shortcut now saves the task you’re editing right away
  • Fixed some experience issues and improved the performance of the text editor
  • NEW FEATURE: this is big! We integrated Apple Reminders into the app, you can now see, edit, and mark as complete every reminder you scheduled into Reminders from Journey’s Planner (reminders without a due date are not shown). Let us know what you think of it and if it fits your use case. Many users asked for this integration and we’re happy to roll this out.
  • A leap forward in making Journey more like you: the app has now nine themes you can choose from, try them and pick your favorite color from the Settings menu.

We work to make each experience in Journey as straightforward and intuitive as possible, but there are info about the features we cannot express right into the app and ways of using Journey that are best explained in more detail.

We added links to our growing user guide and FAQ page into the Tips menu and into the feedback menu. Please take a look at them and let us know what aspect of the service that aren’t covered and you’d like to read about.

Mmmh… this changelog came out longer than expected… but in fact this is a hefty update! Hope you enjoy using it as much as we loved working on it. Feel free to write us to give us your suggestions and feedback.

Version 0.200805.96 (August 05, 2020) 

Hi guys!

We fixed the bugs reported and made some actions more intuitive. 

Thank you for your feedback and reports! Feel free to write us to report any issue or give us your suggestions.

Enjoy the summer! Stay safe :)

Version 0.200722.90 (July 23, 2020) 

Hi there! Step by step we’re making Journey closer to the vision we have for the service and to what you asked for during these months.

Recurrence rule and reminder on new habits

Now you can set a recurrence rule to the new habits: do you want to run 2 times a week? Do you want to write your journal every Friday? When you create the habit you can set these rules.

You can set a reminder for your habits: you’d like to be notified to be sure to complete the meditation challenge you just set? Set the reminder on the habit and you’ll never forget to do it!

Try these new options and let us know if something is missing.

Duplicate projects

Some users asked for a simple way to duplicate their projects as it is useful to use a project with a good structure as a template for the new ones. Piece of cake: use the ‘Duplicate’ action in the project menu.

At each release we try to fix the bugs reported and solve all that issues that hinder the experience. We’ll eventually fix them all but we give them priority according to your feedback, if you think something really important should be done please write us to let us know.

Version 0.200711.87 (July 14, 2020) 

Hi guys! 

The most requested feature so far is here: Journey is now integrated with Apple Pencil!

You can now add your sketches and handwritten notes into your journal, projects, and day pages. Whenever you feel inspired to jot down an idea with the Pencil just tap on the add button and add a new sketch to get started.

Let us know your feedback about this, we're eager to hear your ideas and suggestions :)

We also fixed many bugs and minor issues you reported and added a new interface for the fast editing of events on Mac.

Version 0.200701.84 (July 1, 2020)

Hi everybody!

Here we are with a new release of Moleskine Journey.

We worked on many different things, from little design tweaks to core improvements to the experience. Here are the main changes:

Extended Journal

We worked a lot on this. You can now add much more to your journal or personal diary. Many of you gave us the feedback that a text-only journal was not enough to express themselves, so we decided to let you add images, titles, and links to each day. You’re free to organize these contents as you wish and you’ll have a beautiful preview for each day based on what you add. 

This is the first step toward more advanced features we’ll add to all the habits, to make it easier to reach your goals and be aware of your progress.

Score for every habit 

The score tab is now available on every habit, for example you can check how consistent you are in your journaling, checking how many days you added an entry for or what's your longest streak.

Improved export

Some of you asked for more control when exporting contents, we heard you, you can now export selecting a specific date range, for example you can now export your journal or photo diary on a monthly basis keeping the final document size smaller and easier to back up.

Fast access for all projects (Mac)

We improved the left side menu and now it shows the list of all of your projects, so that will be easier to pick the one you’re looking for.

Are these features the one you were waiting for? What do you want to see in the app next? Contact us for any suggestions or feedback!

Version 0.200622.80 (June 23, 2020)

안녕! We’re releasing the Korean localization of Moleskine Journey, hope our Korean users can now enjoy the service to the fullest. Please let us know if there are corrections to do :)

We also fixed bugs and issues you guys reported in the past two weeks, in particular one concerning the editing of long notes, and we addressed some inconsistencies in the behavior of some actions.

Enjoy this release and let us know what you want to see next! 

Version 0.200605.77 (June 9, 2020)

Hi everybody! We baked a really tasty update for you, be careful, it’s still hot!

  • We updated some descriptions to make clear what some actions do on habits, in particular regarding the archive action.
  • We extended recurrence to tasks inside the projects
  • The split mode on iPad is now fixed
  • The password protection is now available on Mac too
  • You can quickly open contents by long tapping on them in the Planner
  • Journal history now gives you the monthly overview of the days you wrote entries for.
  • We implemented a smart autocomplete for adding time to tasks, type the time directly inside the task description

  • Search shortcut added on Mac (CMD+F)
  • You can now hover on filters on Mac to see their descriptions

Please feel free to contact us for any suggestions or feedback!

Version iOS 0.200517.69 - Mac 0.200516.70 (May 18, 2020)

Hi there! We have great news! Both on the iPad and on the Mac app we radically changed the app layout. Navigation is now much more intuitive and this solution addresses many experience issues you reported. This is also a step forward to align the Mac and web experience.

It’s a big change, we look forward for your comments and suggestions about it.

Mac App new layout

If your reaction to this has been: "Wait a minute! iPad app? Mac app? Web app? Never heard of them!" Rejoice! Journey can be used on Mac and Web too, and it’s all included in your subscription. Give those clients a try or write us for more information.

Here's a link to the Web App

We also designed a new Weekly view for the Planner and improved the drag and drop of contents inside the app.

Mac App Weekly Planner

We addressed many annoying issues you guys so kindly reported on the various platforms :)

Are there any issues that went unnoticed? Contact us and report them we’ll be glad to fix them all.

Version 0.200505.64 (May 05, 2020)

Wow! Improvements all over the place! Thank you guys for all of your feedback, you helped us solve many pesky issues, now the app experience is much smoother, swift, and enjoyable.

In particular, among many others:

  • Events from the device are now synchronized faster
  • The task creation is speedy and has a new animation

On the Mac App:

  • We solved the issues about event creation and update that sometimes made the app crash
  • PDF can be now open directly from the app
  • We moved the Feedback menu where it belongs, inside the Help menu, it's easier to find, it's easier to send us your suggestions :D
  • A click away is too much for many of our power users: we added a lot of keyboard shortcuts for the most used features. Try T for adding a task quickly! Check out the others in the Help menu. Looking forward for your feedback about them and suggestions for the ones you’d like to see implemented in the next releases.

Hearing from you about how you use Moleskine Journey pushes us to do our best to create the perfect service for your personal develoment: Thank you!

Keep sending your feedback and suggestions, the road ahead is still long and winding ;)

Version 0.200423.60 (Apr 24, 2020)

Hi everybody! In this release we worked to improve the stability and the performance of the app:

  • Recurring task are faster to create and update, even with poor or slow connection
  • We tackled many of the issues reported when items are rearranged, you should be able to smoothly reorder your contents, let us know if there are any issues left to fix!
  • Smother transitions when updating the contents
  • History is now easily accessible for archived habits too
  • We improved the stats reported for the mood tracker, now it’s more colorful than ever
  • Now the recurring tasks are listed in the Tasks section, handy, isn’t it?

Please let us know your feedback and report the issues you find to us. Moleskine Journey grew so much in these months thanks to your contribution and is becoming better and better for everybody!

Version 0.200408.56 (Apr 8, 2020)

  • We’re really happy to hear that you're enjoying the service and you’re using it so much. We improved the UI performance so that you can swiftly check out all your contents.
  • To handle multiple contents more easily we added multiple selection (tap with two fingers on a content of the list to start selecting)
  • We make it easier to enter ‘change order’ mode: double tap on a content and arrange as you wish
  • Nobody wants to wait! We solved an issue that caused infinite loading for some users
  • Some of you reported that March 31 was missing in the My Day history. Who took it? We don’t know, but we brought it back! Jokes aside, that issue is now fixed, thanks for reporting it :)
  • We improved the writing experience
  • We fixed some misrepresented stats in the challenges scorecard

Version 0.200325.51 (Mar 25, 2020)

  • We worked hard to improve the way you can insert and edit contents in the app. Task and goals editing have been improved, date, time, and color picker are now more intuitive to set, and we changed many details we hope you’ll like.
  • We added more info to challenge history, now you can see how good you've been to keep your resolutions and motivate yourself!
  • We fixed all the issue you reported, thanks for your feedback!

Version 0.200314.44 (Mar 15, 2020)

  • Now is possible to see future days in My Day section so that you may plan whatever you commit to do in advance: decide your next week meals? Plan goals for the next days? You name it, sky is the limit :)
  • New experience for tasks: it is now quicker than ever to edit tasks with the new inline editor, do you like it?
  • Pinch to zoom on photos is now nice and snappy.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, but nonetheless you may want to add some info to your images, now you can add a text description to images.
  • Revamped filter and sorting for Tasks and Projects. Fine tune what you want to see to rapidly find the info you need. Please let us know your feedback about it!
  • Was it no good yesterday? Don't despair! Now there’s a way to automatically move all the today's unfinished goals to the next day. Select this option in the three dots menu of the habit and set auto-move independently on each goal habit.  
  • Added straightforward way to restore your subscription.

Version 0.200227.36 (Feb 27, 2020)

  • We heard you loud and clear: we integrated our event handling with iOS so that is much easier to edit your events!
  • We created a new visualization for the history (past entries) of My Day! Tap on “My Day” or select “History” in the three dots menu. Let us know if you like it.
  • We changed the way habits and habit entries are deleted to make it harder to delete them inadvertently.
  • We implemented the app lock with Touch ID and Face ID you guys strongly suggested, now your contents are safe from prying eyes. Please let us know if there are any issues. 
  • *This feature locks the access to the app from the current device, no encryption is performed on the data on the client, content can be accessed from web with no password other than user’s login credentials, we’ll add more advanced security features in the next updates.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the link from being opened with the right apps.
  • Some of you reported that completed tasks were still visible in some of the app screen even if the “hide completed task” setting was set (How dare they?!), we solved this issue.
  • Now you can export habits and the entire My Day section as PDF, is a bit rough for now but we’ll improve it continually.

Version 0.200206.30 (Feb 6, 2020)

  • We fixed the issue causing the app to freeze for some users, thank you for your reports and feedback!
  • As requested by many journal lovers we added the possibility to insert a timestamp on Journal Habits entries (just tap the timestamp button over the keyboard while typing your entry)
  • We make it easier to access to the habits advanced features adding the down arrow button on each habit.

Version 0.200203.28 (Feb 4, 2020)

  • New footer navigation icons, are nicer, aren’t they?
  • Fixed iCloud photos upload reported by some users.
  • Added swipe gesture for tasks: you can mark a task as complete by just swiping right over it, super easy!
  • Fixed reported bugs

Version 0.200126.23 (Jan 27, 2020)

  • Fixed the issue that blocked the app on the splash screen for some users with specific iPhone settings configuration, thanks for the patience guys.
  • Fixed all the bug reported by you.
  • Thank you for giving us feedback!